Daniel LapadatuDaniel Lapadatu has graduated the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of "Politehnica" University Bucharest, Romania, in 1991, specializing in microelectronics and technology of semiconductors. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in applied sciences from Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, in 1992 and 1996, respectively, specializing in microelectronics, microtechnology and solid state physics.

Mr Lapadatu has more than 20 years experience in MEMS design and development, inertial navigation systems and applied physics. He has led research and development projects at Sensonor, Infineon Technologies  and poLight.

Since 2016, Mr. Lapadatu is the Technical Director of Alfa Rom Consulting SRL (www.alfarom.eu), a Romanian company that provides companies and organisations with project management and expert ICT and MEMS design and development services needed for execution of classified contracts.

Mr Lapadatu has authored and co-authored tens of scientific articles related to micromachined mechanical sensors, micro- and nanotechnology, inertial positioning and inertial navigation systems. He has authored and co-authored specialised chapters in various scientific books, the most recent being chapter 16, "Heterogeneous Systems," in "Chalenges in Nanoelectronics", published by Wiley-VCH in 2017.

Mr Lapadatu holds several patents in the field of micro-electro-mechanical sensing devices and microelectronics technology.

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